This section contains all official comics made using LEGO. For actual drawn comics, see the Story section.

The story of this LEGO comic revolves around the battle for Mordark during the Ultimate War between Xarkon and Victory.
Most of the characters were submitted by members of the Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums. For a mostly complete character guide, click here.

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("Over the Border", posted 6/30/05)

("The Takeover Begins", posted 8/13/05)

("Rotten to the Core", posted 9/24/05)

("The Great Hunt", posted 10/23/05)

("Stabbed in the Back", posted 2/10/06)

("War comes to Mordark", posted 6/28/06)

("Operation: Nutcracker", completed 10/5/11)

"The Battle for Mordark" - IN PROGRESS
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